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What Supply Chain Canada Has Done For Me.

Let me tell you a story…

What has my Supply Chain Management Professional designation and the Supply Chain Canada association meant to me and my career?

Without question, I still remember the day like it was yesterday. It was a nice sunny day in June of 2005.  I opened the mailbox and saw the letter I had anxiously been waiting for. The results had come back for my final exam from the Supply Chain Management Association (now called Supply Chain Canada).

It was so stressful. I knew that I was prepared to write the exam again if I didn’t pass the first time but I had already put so much time and effort into getting to this point, in other words, I did not want to do this again. So, it goes without saying, I wanted this badly.

I felt such a rush of relief and jubilation. 

As I opened the letter I saw the first sentence, ”Congratulations on passing….”.

Right at that moment I think I yelled out right there. I didn’t even read the rest of the letter until I got home. There was a rush of relief and jubilation.

This was back in the day when I could only attend the courses during the week at nighttime. Four years of studying and learning to get those initials behind my name. You may ask why would I do this? All that time, effort and money?

I believed that this designation would be a great boost for my career.

I knew that this designation would pay off for me. Consequently, I knew that it would be recognized and get me the opportunities that I wouldn’t normally get if I didn’t have it. My belief at this point in time was that I wasn’t doing this for that moment or day, I was doing it for my career ten years down the road. Ever since that day this designation has been worth every penny and all the efforts I had put into achieving it.

It has afforded me an amazing career so far and has paid for itself many times over, not only financially but in the opportunities it has given me.

However, my career has not been the standard career where I have worked with one company my entire career. For instance, my career has been filled with many changes, company closures, strikes, bottoms falling out the oil price’s and natural disasters like fires has caused me move probably more that I would have liked in my career. But, this career path has afforded me many unbelievable opportunities to work in many different industries and  different organizations, private and public, that others just haven’t had.

Supply Chain Canada has continued to support my career.

Moreover, I have continued to lean on Supply Chain Canada, the Alberta association and the national office, for training, guidance, news, articles, conferences and I have always trusted that this association would promote this designation and fight to make sure my career was relevant.

This is what they have done for my career since I started in Supply Chain Management 23 years ago in 1998.

Since I have been a member of this association my entire career I have witnessed many changes. We continue to see changes even to this day and probably now, we, as an association, face one of the biggest challenges it has ever faced with the consolidation of the regions into one national association. Whatever the outcome this may bring, there is one thing that stays consistent with me always. The belief that the association always has and will have the best interests of the members in mind.

So, in conclusion, support Supply Chain Canada, the western regions, and attend Supply Chain Week during the week of May 10th to the 14th. I hope to see you thereSince.

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