I thought I would mention a little about e-bonding today as I saw a presentation yesterday on this very topic.

I found the presentation good but for me it didn’t drill down into what digital bonding is or can be.

I did a little more research and I went to the source of information. The Surety Association of Canada.

The organization I am with does not currently do e-bonding (I sure would like to see it) but all in good time.

What many people get mixed up is the difference between a e-bond and a scanned paper with a signature.

A proper E-bond must meet the following three threshold criteria:

  1. Integrity of Content
    The assurances that the document received is the true document executed and the content has not been changed or altered.
  2. Secure Access
    Restricting the access to the document to those authorized to view and/or download it.
  3. Verifiability / Enforceability
    Assurances that the document was duly executed by the parties identified and that it is enforceable in law.

Click on the definition to read more about e-bonding at the following link:

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